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Ideas in Digital Entourage

Image Diego Gadler of aXYZ design investigates possible alternatives to photo-realistic 3D entourage by thinking outside the box and using everything but the diffuse map on some of their product line and applying materials more suited to traditional physical models in order to express digital architectural visualization in an ‘Old School’ style.


Visualization is a key element in the marketing of real estate and because of this, we want to show you some original architectural visualization ideas using aXYZ design Metropoly products.

Usually Metropoly collections are used with their diffuse and normal texture maps to create photorealistic images. It is also possible to create abstract figures simulating simple materials such as plastic, metal and plaster utilized in traditional architectonic scale models. In this way, the architectural project, which in many cases is unnoticed, will be emphasized.

In the images below, you can observe some representations done with Maxwell render. The simulated illumination consists in a typical photography three-points light. To accurately define the small zones of details it is possible to use the normal maps provided with Metropoly 2 collections.

Glass Stylized Entourage

antroscopic Stylized Entourage

Porcelain Stylized Entourage

Plastic Stylized Entourage

Traditional looking Digital Scene

The finished product has the characteristics of a traditional physical study model rather than a computer generated model. The idea here is to think outside of the box and come up with creative ways to use what tools and resources we have at hand in unique and interesting ways.

Author: Diego Gadler, posted by Russell Thomas.