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TBC18 - Assignment and Deliverables


The term ‘The Butterfly Cabin” (TBC) is used to describe a cabin with a butterfly roof. A butterfly roof (sometimes called a V roof or London roof) is a form of roof characterized by an inversion of a standard roof form, with two roof surfaces sloping down from opposing edges to a valley near the middle of the roof. It is so called because its shape resembles a butterfly's wings.. – Wikipedia


Cabin may refer to: Beach cabin, a small wooden hut on a beach; Log cabin, a house built from logs; Cottage, a small house; Small, remote, mansion. A dwelling in natural balance with it’s environment and respectful of Earth's natural ecology and cycles. – 3DA/Wikipedia


Picturesque: ‘what pleases the eye; remarkable for singularity; striking the imagination with the force of painting; to be expressed in painting; affording a good subject for a landscape; proper to take a landscape from’. visually charming or quaint, as if resembling or suitable for a painting: a picturesque fishing village (for example). – 3DA

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Contest Assignment & Deliverables

AW1: Roberto Sacco, Tyrone Marshall, Alan Klys

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“Architectural Wonder”: You are standing on a vantage point overlooking the most impressive example of architecture you have ever seen. The aesthetics seem to speak to you and you have to wonder about those who created such an impressive masterpiece. The forms and spatial hierarchy seem classical, alluding to some great historical wonder of the world, yet the materials and construction techniques seem to be appropriate to the 21st century.

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