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A New Business Structure for the Global Economy

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Seattle, WA - Dallas/Fort Worth/Arlington, TX  based 3DAllusions LLC formed a dedicated visualization studio in an effort to effect change on how things are done in the industry and to capitalize on a strong community of artist, 3DAllusions Studio consists of visualization artist from around the world. Professionals, who generously devote their time and energy to help other artists hone their skills and improve their craft. A team from around the world who have come together through the power of the Internet.


What makes this business venture different from most is not only that the team resides all over the globe, but more importantly that it is based on a “by the Artist, for the Artist” philosophy.  The studio is a banner for artist to rally around to form a team of strong players who support one another in a collaborative environment, while providing a business identity and an infrastructure to operate within.

The studio’s core consists of a tight knit group of visualization professionals who have either worked together and/or known one another for years and were hand picked to join the team. A formal relationship was established to capitalize on several factors of the current global economy and the name recognition of the 3DAllusions identity. Currently the weak US dollar allows competitive pricing when dealing with other affluent countries. In addition, the high standard of living, and therefore salary in the US, allows the company to be very competitive in the domestic market due to the discrepancy of worldwide yearly incomes, despite the weak US dollar.

The company’s business structure may sound like a ‘Digital Sweatshop’, but that description couldn’t be further off the mark, the company is structured around the rights of the artist. Many architectural visualization companies contract out artist from around the world for small fees and no credit for the work performed, stamping their own logo on the renderings and taking credit for the work. At 3DA Studio, underneath the company logo is the artist copyright/name, thus insuring the artist gets credit for their work. Treating the artist as the ‘Rock Stars’ of the CG industry is far better than being treated as indentured servants, or at least that is how we the artist see it.  Needless to say this runs contrary to the established industry trends and it also allows the company to bring on other award-winning artist when workloads require it.

3DA Studio Artist (Select name to bring up Artist Spotlight Bios):
Russell Thomas
Paulo Barrelas
Aaron Coon
Branko Jovanovic
Jeff Patton
Neha Kakkar

Our goal is to level the international playing field of the various visualization professions. By offering artist working/living in foreign markets comparable commissions to those being made in North America, we hope to raise the expectations and standards of compensation internationally. Hopefully, this serves to strengthen the U.S. market as pricing/compensation levels balance out globally. The last thing we as architectural visualization professionals want to do is shoot ourselves in the foot by undercutting everyone else and hurting the profession in the process.

At this point, all core members received educations in architecture or architecturally related fields, and some have worked in the field of architecture for years. This has led to observations on different professions, two specifically, architects and lawyers.  Architects tend to be spineless in regards to client relationships and even worse at business matters. They have dwindled and squandered their share of control and profit by infighting, under bidding and general ‘Machiavellian’ practices. Long gone are the days of the ‘Master Builder’ and the real art of architecture, bureaucracy now rules the day. On the other end of the scale is the ‘attorney at law’, a profession that has mastered the art of billing and charging for every minute that someone did anything even remotely related to your case. As the shark is the perfect killing machine, the lawyer is the perfect billing machine. We want to learn from the weaknesses of the different professions, stand up for our rights and fairly bill for our labors, all the while keeping our souls in the process.

Of course we are not naïve enough to think we can cause this change ourselves or world wide, we are just hoping to help start a trend or make a difference.  If nothing else, in the end we hope that the lives of the artist involved are improved, we feel that it is noble and honorable to make a decent and profitable living at your chosen profession. If we can make a positive social impact as well, the venture will be a success.


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