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Artist Spotlight - Francisco Bolanos

Image As a new feature here at 3DAllusions we are going to start showcasing artist who's work we greatly respect. For our next Artist Spotlight we are proud to introduce to you Francisco Bolanos(a.k.a. 3DBlue)

Name: Francisco Bolanos
Nick on the web: 3DBlue
Canary Islands, territory of Spain
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
I was born as Francisco Bolanos (Frank) in the late 60's at the Canary Islands, territory of Spain, so Im Spaniard from Spain. Im the second oldest of five brothers and sisters who grew up from a Ph. Doctor family in one of these seven islands. This lovely place 2000 miles far south from mainland Spain and only 50 miles far from the african coast of Morocco bring us islanders a specific sense of culture and life, influenced by the Atlantic ocean and the hardest conditions and hurdles we have to suffer in order to achieve what could be easier if you grow up in a bigger european city with a lot of resources.
I did study Architecture, Graphic design and have a BA Degree in Graphics applied to Architectural and Engineering. Later I did get specialized training courses with Autodesk to get specific training in Autocad and 3D Studio Max. Eventually I became trainer for the local Adobe Training center for the last years before I moved to USA.
I have had a huge variety of work experience for more than 14 years, starting from the traditional ink-and-hand tracing drafter, airbrushing painting, CAD drafter, Pre-press Illustrator and designer until I become the Senior CG General & Architectural Visualization Specialist I am today. I consider myself a humble artist with a wide variety of skills that I have been learning together and along with the evolution of the PC in the past decades and also with the software industry innovations and I managed to extract from them my best and showcase that knowledge through my work. This is a constant process that has not stopped yet, and Im enjoying the ride with the same passion and expectation as when I started many years ago.
I took some time traveling and learning from other cultures, people, other ways of life and just happened that In one of those unexpected trips I landed in USA. I am actually established here at Chicago since 1999, after visiting several countries in Europe and South America. It has been a long run to this day but I feel it is the right place for the work I do.
CG is a very interesting career and always changing professional field. Many people just have not kept up with it and fell off the wagon when they refused to learn and try new technologies, software, rendering engines, etc, and I have seen lately a lot of old-school graphic artists that they just started to complaint against this new wave of CG artists, naming us as 'stealers' or 'freelancers aficionados' that have shaken the CG industry from their paceful foundations where all was known and the cake was already split, specially towards the visualization busineses that have not evolved with the times, because we came strong in this last decades pushing with a new level of visualization quality unseen before. Many of the traditional illustrators they felt their world got tumbled because they lost the technology train long ago, and many customers are getting rapidly used to see and appreciate a lot of great work coming from simple people with new tools and skills and a strong will to become better and known, and they are starting to pay for that quality more often, leaving behind what has been seen and sold very extensively and expensively for the past decades and is not new or has not the 'wow' effect anymore. I have been standing there all this time, learning and listening with few resources but standing still, trying to get better and trying not to fall off the wagon!
I started to offer freelance services as soon as I felt that the level of quality and workflow achievement I have today is enough to provide something above the average quality to specific clients that still search for something special for their visualization projects.
You are welcome to visit my web:
My favorite motto says: Things and people that age properly, get better with time.
Thank you.

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