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Artist Spotlight - Branko Jovanovic

Image 3DAllusions is proud to spotlight the work of Branko Jovanovic (a.k.a. d.sign) who has just joined the 3DAllusions team as a moderator. You can see some of Branko's work in the CG Architect AVC.




Name: Branko Jovanovic
Nick on the web: d.sign
Location: Serbia and Montenegro
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
I was born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia (now Serbia and Montenegro) in 1970. I am blessed with lovely little daughter and a loving wife and they are my main source of energy and creativity.
Since I was a kid I had two major and many smaller affinities. Major were the mathematic and art. So, I have chosen architecture for my studies as kind of compromising solution and graduated at Belgrade University at 1999. Studies took quite some time due to my drifting from one focus to another. I engaged in traditional art and blues music quite serious and somewhat neglected studies of architecture for couple of years. I was kind of unaware of my real attraction to architecture and not until my finishing year at university, that I rediscovered real beauty inherent in this noble craft, when I engaged in research of theory and history of modern architecture.
After graduation I started as part-time assistant at Novi Sad Architectural Faculty. That was most significant experience in my working days. Chance to work with young people, help them to develop their skills and talents really affected my attitude toward work and life in general. That also gave me time and opportunity to study and research some theoretic fields. One theme that occupied my thoughts was history and role of presentation methods/techniques in architecture. I found out that these techniques were most important mean of translating ideas from realm of imagination to realization.
Soon I accepted computer as one new tool in the long history of presentation methods, tool as a pen or brush, but much more sophisticated and potent. So, when I was forced to leave university because that was not enough to make a living, I worked couple of years at usual positions, that in my hometown means mostly dry architectural drafting, nothing creative. In my free time I worked on my own projects and engaged more and more in CG using it first for design development and latter for visualization. Some four years ago I stepped in that great world for real and work as CG artist since then. First I worked full time for one luxurious modern furniture dealer which force me to improve my modeling techniques and understand the importance of detail. After that I start to work as freelance artist.
My specialty is the interior visualization I love the minimalist approach to design. The key feature in my work is light and the way that light shapes the space. As architect and CG artist I am equally affected by great classics of modern architecture Mies Van der Rohe, Le Corbusier, Saarinen, Right, Khan and also by some new forces Rem Koolhaas, Zaha Hadid, Eric Owen Moss, John Pawson and many more…
My biggest success in CG art so far is entering finals of this years CGarchitect architectural visualization competition. Being one of 15 people selected for competition finals among such artists like Chen Quinqfeng is quite an honor.
I am in constant learning mode, trying to keep up with this fast developing technology. One of main sources of inspiration and knowledge are CG communities. My membership and participation at 3DAllussions site is very inspiring and rewarding both in my work and my free time.
I still enjoy my hobbies - playing guitar, painting watercolors and collecting books on architecture, which I find very important and inspiring in my work and life in general.

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