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AW1: Roberto Sacco, Tyrone Marshall, Alan Klys

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“Architectural Wonder”: You are standing on a vantage point overlooking the most impressive example of architecture you have ever seen. The aesthetics seem to speak to you and you have to wonder about those who created such an impressive masterpiece. The forms and spatial hierarchy seem classical, alluding to some great historical wonder of the world, yet the materials and construction techniques seem to be appropriate to the 21st century.


Digitally create in 3D an “Architectural Wonder” that portrays that which is inspirational about architecture and touches us on some subconscious level. You may abstract an existing architectural marvel, but not duplicate it, and digitally construct it using contemporary materials and construction techniques. You may use your imagination and create what you think is an architectural marvel, and create something completely new and unique. Whichever path you choose to take, the architecture alluded to must be constructible with today’s technology and be inhabitable/occupied/populated by humans, such as in one of the following building type examples: a residence, a place of business, a medical facility, an educational institution, a place of worship, a palace, or a seat of government.

Addendum #1: The intro paragraph is to establish a sense of wonder and a context for the artist, it was not meant to limit contestants to classical forms, but to allude to the 8th wonder of the world type structure. The goal is to create an architectural icon so to speak using new or old forms in the context of modern construction techniques and materials in whatever vocabulary the artist believes makes it a 'wonder to behold'. Of course historic structures come to mind since they are socially and psychologically linked in our minds as architectural marvels, but the artist has the creative license to redefine that concept with their own design, basically creating something grand and well designed that captures the viewer’s imagination.

The final image should be a wonder to behold, while being in character with the practice of architectural visualization and represent up to date construction techniques and materials.

The scene is to be a new piece of work for this contest. No pre-made/purchased models or images, with the exception of architectural entourage such as people, cars and plant life. In addition commercial textures and shaders are acceptable. Photos of existing buildings etc. are to be used at a minimum and only as backgrounds; the majority of the work in the image is to be digitally created in 3D by you. Background art digitally created in 2D by the artist is preferred over digital photos and may actually be taken into special consideration as long as the majority of the work is in 3D.


This is an architectural themed contest; entourage and characters while adding to the scene should not be the focal point and detract from the architectural imagery.

This is supposed to be a marvel to behold; a large structure with civic spaces such as a plaza is more inspirational than a custom home on a hill. With that being said, a beautifully designed villa may be more inspirational than a large glass box. Use your design talents to create something exciting and thought provoking.

No matter how well done, a small to medium sized interior space is probably not going to be as exciting as an expansive exterior shot of the same caliber. If you choose to do an interior space it should probably be very grand and demonstrate great architecture and not great furnishings.


Please use the following link to view an up to date list of the prizes. Prizes and awarded positions may be increased, but not decreased. We reserve the right in case of un-foreseen complications to substitute the prizes with similar prizes. Prizes are at the following location: PRIZE PAGE

Contest Process:

This Contest will be a WIP (Work in Progress) Contest. Participating parties are required to submit WIP, from the initial concept sketch to wire frame models, texturing in progress all the way to the final Entry. This is so that everyone can learn from one another and shall take place in 3DAllusions Contest forum thread. The WIP portion shall take place in the 3Dallusions forum within the topic titled “Architectural Wonder II Contest”. Contestants are to start a thread titled as such “Artist Name – Project Name - Milestone”, for example: “John Doe – Citadel in the Sky - Modeling”. The ‘Deliverables’ as outlined below shall be posted within this thread along with other member’s comments on the project. An abbreviated example contest thread can be found HERE. A medium sized version of the final image shall also be submitted to the 3Dallusions album/gallery for viewing of the public and commenting by the members. The final Album/Gallery entry and the large format TIF image submission to follow the same naming conventions as the forum thread. 3DAllusions will create a Contest Poll, after final submissions for community ranking of the entries. Only registered members of the main site will be able to vote. The process is as follows:

· Enter the Contest, registered forum members only, registration is free.
· Submit your work in progress images in the appropriate forum, on a regular basis.
· Participate in the community by critiquing other Contestant’s works in the respective forum.
· Submit your final medium sized entry in the album/gallery, and the full sized image via FTP by the Contest deadline.

Note: You are required to submit work in progress images, obtain feedback and give feedback to other Contestant’s in the WIP challenge. This is a requirement of the Contest and failure to do so may result in penalties during final judging. Community interaction is essential!

Addendum #2: Contest requirements include ‘work in progress’ (WIP) participation within 3DAllusions contest forums and should remain the focus of the participant’s efforts. However, at times some participants wish to post their work off site, this is acceptable under the following guidelines:
· Only WIP based work is to be posted off site during the contest.
· No final images are to be posted off site until the final judging has occurred.
· We ask that off site post indicate that the work is for the AW2 contest.
Hopefully this clears up any questions on the topic.

The contest will last approximately 3 months, starting June 26, 2006 and ending September 23, 2006 at midnight GMT. All entrants must Enter by August 23, 2006 by posting their first milestone sketch in the forum as outlined by the Contest Rules and Deliverables. Membership ranking of entries shall last for two weeks immediately following the contest deadline and end October 7, 2006 at midnight GMT. Judging to commence immeadiately afterwards, in as reasonable amount of time, as scheduling allows, to give each finalist due consideration.


Each challenger is required to submit images (120kb 800x600 max or as per the upload restrictions of the forums) for the following milestones:

· Concept Sketch - JPG (online)
· Modeling - JPG (online)
· Texturing - JPG (online)
· Lighting - JPG (online)
· Rendering - JPG (online)
· Post Effects and Compositing, JPG (online)
· Final Image - JPG (online album/gallery) AND TIF (FTP)

Any Contestant that does not submit images covering these milestones by the contest deadline will not be considered for final judging.

Contest Pages:
· Assignment
· Rules
· Prizes
· Judges
· Contest Forum


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