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TBC18 - Assignment and Deliverables


The term ‘The Butterfly Cabin” (TBC) is used to describe a cabin with a butterfly roof. A butterfly roof (sometimes called a V roof or London roof) is a form of roof characterized by an inversion of a standard roof form, with two roof surfaces sloping down from opposing edges to a valley near the middle of the roof. It is so called because its shape resembles a butterfly's wings.. – Wikipedia


Cabin may refer to: Beach cabin, a small wooden hut on a beach; Log cabin, a house built from logs; Cottage, a small house; Small, remote, mansion. A dwelling in natural balance with it’s environment and respectful of Earth's natural ecology and cycles. – 3DA/Wikipedia


Picturesque: ‘what pleases the eye; remarkable for singularity; striking the imagination with the force of painting; to be expressed in painting; affording a good subject for a landscape; proper to take a landscape from’. visually charming or quaint, as if resembling or suitable for a painting: a picturesque fishing village (for example). – 3DA

You have traveled the world, seen wondrous sights, and still, when you approach this habitat isolated and secluded in a breathtaking picturesque setting, you have to stop and gaze! Never before have you seen such a structure harmoniously coexisting at peace with its surroundings. This residence instills a sense of awe and you find yourself suddenly envious of its owners. You are inspired to live as one with the land, surrounded by nature and all it’s beauty. Mentally your "creative drive" vows to design something equally “rustic” and integrated within the environment! You set off to find the perfect site for the "The Butterfly Cabin" dwelling you envision and to integrate it within the site.


[You will providea minimum of one exterior rendering showing the cabin in the environment/setting and one interior rendering depicting life within that cabin within the environment you created. You may provide additional images if you wish.]

 Create your ideal setting for the "The Butterfly Cabin" dwelling you are given digitally in 3D. It should portray that which is inspirational about rustic architecture/life style and touches us on some subconscious level. The emphasis should be on the context of the residence in an "appropriate" picturesque location. The structure is to remain much as it is in the original model/scene, you are allowed to make modifications, but the structure must be recognizable in the end. The real challenge is design a site/setting/landscape that is spectacular and alludes to man living at one with nature. The site can wrap around, surround, hug or even highlight the structure in some way, can partially hide the structure showing just a glimpse, teasing the viewer, it is up to you to decide. The site is to be located on earth, we will allow some flexibility in chronological time, if your technology is a bit advanced for example if it is based on sound technology we will allow slightly futuristic images. Your images could also be a bit ‘old school’ if you chose to demonstrate a historic scene using techniques and not technology. With that said, we do not want to see space monsters or dinosaurs; this is an architectural visualization contest not fantasy or science fiction.

The challenge will be to create a picturesque environment for your scene image demonstrating that the dwelling is within a the setting as well as creating an interior image. Find some elements of outdoor/rustic living that works well with the picturesque site/landscape you are going to create for the structure. The setting could include a small village setting as long as the natural environment is dominant, stunning and picturesque from outside and from within.

Everyone has one basic constant, the general structure we provide, the picturesque setting and some indication of a remote existence is your challenge. The final images should portray your design intent. It should be a visual treat that is in character with the methods of architectural visualization. You will provide and exterior rendering showing the cabin in the environment/setting and one interior rendering depicting life within that cabin within the environment you created.

The scene is to be a new piece of work for this contest. No pre-made/purchased models or images, with the exception of architectural entourage such as people, cars and plant life. In addition, commercial textures and shaders are acceptable. Photos of existing buildings, etc. are to be used at a minimum and only as backgrounds; the majority of the work in the image is to be digitally created in 3D by you. Whatever you employ, the majority of work must be generated in 3D with the exception of trees, plants, people and entourage in general.

"Picturesque” and remote cabin living is the theme of this contest. While entourage and characters can add to the scene, they should not be the focal point and detract from the architectural imagery.

Make this a 'marvel to behold' but be sure that the scale is relevant to the subject matter. Unique and environmentally harmonious dwellings  are more intellectually stimulating than just grandness of scale, we want to be able to make out details of the structure and its surroundings, an aerial from a mile away will most likely fail in the outlined assignment. Use your design talents to create something exciting and thought provoking.

While the goal is to allude to a picturesque environment and rustic lifestyle, the techniques and technology do not have to be current, your scene could be historic or futuristic.

Example: Your structure is placed in a rustic setting celebrating nature and all it’s glory but a hovercraft is nestled to one side  all set in a picturesque setting. This scenario is just an example, you could pick a historic setting or current, it just needs to be earth bound.

Please use the following link to view an up to date list of the prizes. In the case of unforeseen complications we reserve the right to substitute the prizes. Prizes are at the following location:  

Contest Process:
This Contest will be a WIP (Work in Progress) Contest. Participating parties are required to submit WIP, several milestones are required, from the initial concept model, lighting study, texturing in progress all the way to the final Entry. This is so that everyone can learn from one another and shall take place in 3DAllusions Contest forum thread. The WIP portion shall take place in the 3Dallusions forum within the topic titled “The Butterfly Cabin Challenge 18”. Contestants are to start a thread titled as such “Artist Name – Scene Title”, for example: “John Smith – Glade of Light”. The ‘Deliverables’ as outlined below shall be posted within this thread along with other member’s comments on the project. A medium sized version of the final image shall also be submitted to the 3Dallusions gallery for viewing of the public and ranking by the members. The final Gallery entry and the large format TIF/PNG image submission to follow the same naming conventions as the forum thread.

    The process is as follows:

    • Enter the Contest, registered members only, registration is free.
    • Submit your work in progress images in the appropriate forum, on a regular basis.
    • Participate in the community by critiquing other Contestant’s works in the respective forum.
    • Submit your final medium sized entry in the Contest Gallery, and the full sized image via FTP by the contest deadline.

Note: You are required to submit work in progress images, obtain feedback and give feedback to other Contestant’s in the WIP challenge. This is a requirement of the Contest and failure to do so may result in penalties during final judging. Community interaction is essential!

The contest will last approximately two and a half months, starting March 1, 2017 and ending  May 31, 2017 at midnight GMT. All entrants must Enter by April 30, 2017 by posting their first milestone concept in the forum as outlined by the Contest Rules and Deliverables. Judging to commence immediately afterwards, and will complete in as reasonable amount of time as scheduling allows to give each finalist due consideration.

Each challenger is required to submit images (120kb 800x600 max or as per the upload restrictions of the forums) for the following milestones:

    • Modeling - JPG (online)
    • Lighting- JPG (online)
    • Texturing - JPG (online)
    • Rendering - JPG (online)
    • Post Effects and Compositing, JPG (online)
    • Final Images - JPG (online album/gallery) AND TIF/PNG (FTP)
Multiple requirements/milestones may be displayed in a single image and items like 'Post Effects' may not apply to your entry. In any event the artist must show their progress from start to finish. Any Contestant that does not demonstrate the above process by the contest deadline will not be considered for final judging.

Submissions will be online at forums "TBC Challenge 18”: Contest Forum. All submissions will be in JPG format (120kb 800x600 max or as per the upload restrictions of the forums), the final images, which will be JPG format (120kb 800x600 max or as per the upload restrictions of the Contest Gallery), to be submitted here: Contest Gallery

In addition, provide print-resolution PNG/TIF (2133x1600 or as large as your software package allows at 300dpi, no up-sampling of images for increased resolution), no exceptions taken.
Large resolution PNG/TIF images to be submitted at: 3Dallusions FTP -

USER NAME: contest.thrdallu PASSWORD: contest (Ignore error pop up box if it appears)

If Problems arise another form of submission will be made available.

Contestants may choose to provide additional images with their final Main Images/Money shots, but the main images must meet contest requirement size (no logos or graphics may be imposed over main images) and final overall composition size to be main image size requirement PLUS any additional images, borders and titles Contestant chooses to add.

There will be no exceptions for late entries outside of hardware or software failure on our end. All deadlines are based on GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) and will conclude at midnight/11:59+1PM (GMT without location modifiers) of the dates given. If contestant post one of the requirements by the deadline but and post remainder consecutively after the deadline but matching the image posted on time, we will show some latitude within reason.

Thepanel of judges will determine the winners


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