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Architectural Wonder II is proud to have Jeff Mottle, Chen Qingfeng and Juan Siquier judging the competition. We consider this a 'Dream Team' of architectural visualization judges. 

Judge One:

Image Jeff Mottle is the President and Founder of, the leading online architectural visualization magazine. He has worked for the past 11 years in the field of architectural visualization including for the London based design communications firm, Smoothe, as North American Production Director. Jeff currently works as business development manager for VisMasters, and online software and content resource for design visualization professionals. He is involved in many areas of the industry and actively pursues initiatives that help promote the growth of the industry.

- CG Architect -


Judge Two:

Image Chen Qingfeng: Xiamen, China
3D and architectural visualization artist.
EXPOSE 1: 5 works selected, winner of a Excellence Award.
EXPOSE 2: 3 works selected.
EXPOSE 3: "DT lobby" "Indoor" "Art museum" featured.
EXPOSE 4: "EX nic" featured. 
ELEMENTAL: 3 works selected, for Excellence Award.
ELEMENTAL 2: "Blue sky" "Elapsing" featured.
Animago 2004: Second Place Professional Architecture Award.
First-Ever VisMaster.
3DAllusions Interview

- Chen3D -


Judge Three:

Image Juan Siquier: born in Albacete / Spain

Before ending up on the CG world he use to spend his days painting in traditional mediums and showcasing his art in many expositions, He is professional musician as well, but since 2000 he has been producing more and more in computer graphics in a self-taught way, In addition, he has been web designer in a small local company and freelance graphic designer, he is currently working as freelancer for several CG companies and as 3d modeller and texture painter on a feature animation called "Dear Anne, the gift of hope" at 263films in Milan, Italy. 

During these years Juan has won important awards and his Art has been featured on the most important Artbooks and CG magazines. 

- Juan Siquier -

If for any reason a judge cannot complete their judging duties, a reasonable replacement shall be found.

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