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ImageLoveFish: An interesting NPR or Toonshader for LightWave. This and other interesting items can be found at Jimstein Peerlees's Blog Spot.

You can find more details and links here. The following is from Jimstein Peerlees's Blog Spot:

I created Lovefish for the purpose of allowing nonrealistic renderings (NPR) for visualization in Newtek Lightwave3D. The main purpose with Lovefish is to offer textured tones, something that has not been offered before by any previously existing shader for Lightwav3D (this was in the year 2004). The textured tones are a substantially widening of what is possible to imitate in the field of classical art techniques. Among others has a number of SIGGRAPH papers been the foundation and a source of inspiration for what has been achieve in this project.

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