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Making of 'Metamorfosi'


Making of 'Metamorfosi' by Bruno Maremonti: Another great tutorial at 3DTotal based in XSI. Stop by 3DTotal to check out this and other great tutorials.

3DTotal has yet another great tutorial, the Making of 'Metamorfosi' by Bruno Maremonti can be found here. Intro from tutorial:

Hi everybody!

This work started from a concept quickly done on a morning before going to work, it’s probably some oneiric memory :) I cannot show it because I don’t know where it has gone to, but the main idea is to represent something realistic which could never exist in the real world. This is the aspect of graphic computer I prefer: making unreality real.

I don’t want to go into details, as the main aim of this article is to share the process which led me to the final render with the whole community of CG artists.

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