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Maxwell 1.0 release

Image Maxwell Render 1.0: The Light Simulator will be released on April 26th. The beta testing team is close to finishing its evaluation and the development team is working hard to put the finishing touches, which is why Next Limit can confidently announce the final release date.

Next Limit feels it is important at this juncture to thank each and every one of their clients for their support and patience in this last year on the road to the release of Maxwell Render v1.0. Next Limit’d like to do this by offering everyone who bought a license during the Alpha, Beta and RC stage of development, an additional license of Maxwell Render v1.0 free of charge.

If you are interested in claiming your free license, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. simply stating your name and company, as on your original order.Next Limit will be sending these out upon the release of V1.0.

Every last feature we've come to know and love in Beta is now fully implemented in the latest Maxwell version - and far more robust than ever before. The V1.0 will have a set of new tools to improve your workflow and performance enhancements like:

 MXED - The Standalone Material Editor

"The next generation in Maxwell/host integration is here: Just imagine taking the material editor in Studio out and running it as its own program and you've got the idea. You just build your material, save it, and load the .mxm in your host application. Whereas before, Studio was a necessary bridge to the new materials, now you can choose to work in whatever app you wish with seamless integration. For me, it's been great to return to Maya for all my Maxwell work!"

 Multi-Light Illumination Control

"his is the realtime interactive lighting feature demonstrated recently, and I think it's the number-one feature you're most going to wonder how you ever lived without. Imagine rendering a building in the daytime; move a slider and it's a night shot; move another slider and bring the interior lights up. You can preview these new versions before saving, directly from the .mxi, both during and after the render, in realtime! It's insanely powerful. Product designers are going to love it, too as you can set-up multiple lighting rigs, and choose your look after the fact. And the rendertime hit for all this extra flexibility and power? Zero."

 Cooperative/Network Rendering

"Distribute your renders quickly amongst all the machines on your network for ultra-fast cooperative rendering of a single image, or as multiple frames for an animation. A simple and intuitive interface makes setup easy, and combining cooperatively rendered frames takes only seconds."

These are just a few of the many features Maxwell V1.0 will have besides engine optimizations in noise reduction and many others. 

If you want to know more about Maxwell and why is it called  "The Light Simulator", have a look on the gallery at the Maxwell Render site.



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