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What's better than free stuff? All you have to do is to create a new account under the Login button.

We are working at creating content for our users for download in our Main site's 'Resource Area'. Currently we have:

Our good buddy and moderator Paulo Barrelas (a.k.a. pBarrelas) has just added 67 free 2304x1728 hi-resolution JPG sky background textures for registered users to download. He took these images with a digital camera and color corrected and enhanced them in Photoshop and donated them to the community for their use. Thanks Paulo!

Sky Backgrounds

Jovanović Branko not only donated a scene for Challenge #4, he also gave us a Vray version to share with the community once the new site was up. This is a way for people starting out with Vray to look at the settings etc. and learn. You can see some of Branko's latest work in the AVC at CG Architects, we wish him luck!

neba77 has graciously donated a Michael Tonet Chair that he just created for a project.

3D Models

You must register at the new main site in order to access items like resources to download, the new main site does not share the forums database and user accounts.


If any members want to donate original work such as models, textures and images to the community, we would gladly add them to the resources giving you full credit, authorship and typical terms of use disclaimer. Just let us know or send them to me with description and the information you would like included, the best way is to zip them and include a text
document of your restrictions of use to go along with the file.

Hope you find these items useful and if you use one of these items give the authors a 'shout out' to let him know they were appreciated.

Best regards,

3DAllusions Team

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