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New Autodesk Product Beta Coming Soon, Codenamed Vespa

Is it hand drawn, or did someone use a computer to create an image? Which in the above is hand drawn and which is by computer?

This information from an AutoDesk Blog called 'Between the Lines' wich can be found HERE

They were both started out the same on CAD design output for the underlay.

Do you create presentation graphics using standard graphics software such as Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop?  Are you using pencils that require sharpening all the time or using those nice expensive markers that give you that lightheaded feeling and then headache from the fumes? After rendering by hand on CAD linework are you then scanning back in to the computer to edit again or share your creation with others?  Are you bad at drawing by hand and need a perfect solution to impress your coworkers and clients? Do you dislike the one direction method and would like to be able to update the CAD DWG file and have the rendered image update with your applied style? If you answered “yes” or even slightly nodded your head to any of these questions, we’ve got a new project in development which might interest you.......

You may apply to be part of the BETA program HERE 

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