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MOGRAPH - THE ULTIMATE IN 3D MOTION GRAPHICS: MAXON's new C4D module makes motion graphics designers' dreams come true!

MAXON, April 18, 2006 - MAXON is proud to announce MoGraph, an exciting new module for its flagship 3D animation tool CINEMA 4D. Offering endless possibilities for creating spectacular effects using simple primitives, logos and text, MoGraph is the ideal solution for motion graphics artists ready to step into the third dimension.

CINEMA 4D is fast becoming the 3D tool of choice for motion graphics artists everywhere, in part due to its smooth connectivity to popular 2D motion graphics and compositing tools. MoGraph adds yet another dimension to CINEMA 4D's creative palette, by offering endless combinations and variations that are ideal for creating broadcast graphics, bumpers, movie titles and trailers, or logo animations. Multipass layers and 3D elements can then be rendered and imported directly into Adobe After Effects, Autodesk Combustion, Apple Motion, Final Cut Pro, Shake and eyeon Fusion for the ultimate in post-processing control.

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