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SLK Technologies - A trusted software reseller has some great deals on XSI that you might not hear about.

Rarely do we comment on companies, but I have nothing but good to say about Don Kemmis and SLK Technologies. For years I would make inquiries about different software packages without ever buying anything and he continued to be fully accomodating. In the end because of his attitude, when I could afford it, I made my major purchases of products he offered through SLK. Support has been top knotch and I have heard many individuals in the CG industry make great comments about him.


Special news about

Softimage® | XSI. 5 & Batch 4.2

Hello, this is Don Kemmis announcing special news about Avid.s Softimage® | XSI. product line.

As you may know, SLK Technologies Inc. is an authorized Avid Reseller for the XSI product line.

Softimage Special deals available for a limited time. Right now we are offering you several options.

(2) Softimage | XSI Essentials plus (10) Softimage Batch licenses Available now for $4,995.00

(1) Softimage | XSI Advanced plus (10) Softimage Batch licenses Available now for $7,995.00

Support / Maintenance (with free upgrades for 12 months forward), optional for an additional charge..

-------- OR -------

Softimage | XSI Advanced plus (1) yr Support / Maintenance Available now for $5,297.00

This is a limited time offer from SLK Technologies, and may be discontinued at any time. These special prices

are based on check / money order terms (at time of order). Shipping, Import Taxes & Duties are included.

Washington State residents add 8.0% Washington State sales Tax. Please act soon, (we hope to be able to

offer all of these special deals thru June 30th 2006) however these offers are subject to change without notice.

Call 425 487-9818 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for additional info or to obtain an official quote /

invoice so we can help you acquire Softimage XSI &/or Softimage XSI plus (10) Softimage Batch soon.

Already own XSI, Batch, Behavior or Alienbrain & want to upgrade, add more seats or purchase Maintenance /

Support contracts? Great! We can help; send us an email with your product type, version, and your desires.

Want to know more about Alienbrain Asset Management Software? Please just be sure to let us know.

We would love to be part of your 3D Future!

Don Kemmis

SLK Technologies Inc

tel 425 487-9818

fax 360 862-1182

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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