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Got3D Releases Two Collections Of Easy-to-Use 3D People: New Collections Up the Ante for High Quality People Models

Animators have long struggled with adding realistic-looking 3d people to their scenes and still renderings.  Until now content might be appear to be realistic but not accept lighting within the scene.  Or the polygon count would be too great to allow for fast rendering.  Or more often, the quality just wasn’t very good, detracting from the overall scene.  But today Got3D launches two collections of high-quality 3d people for use in animations and still renderings that address these long-standing issues.


The first breakthrough collection includes eight people, each pre-animated with 2,000 frames of motion.  Four characters are walking and four are gesturing and talking while standing.  All textures have been saved in high quality jpeg format at 2,048 x 2,048 pixels and, like the static collection, these characters cast and receive accurate shadows and react well with global illumination.  And because these characters are pre-animated, all the customer will have to do is drop them in their scene and watch them go!  All of these outstanding pre-animated models are available for only $195 (U.S.).


The second collection is a set of sixteen 3d people models intended for use in still renderings and consists of eight different individuals, each in two separate poses.  Each person features a low average polygon count (only 3,600) with a high-quality, life-like texture.  Unlike photo-image-based content, these characters cast and receive shadows within the scene and work very well with global illumination settings for content that looks like it absolutely belongs within your scene.  These 3d people are available in Max (7.0), LWO (7.5), and 3DS file formats that can merge directly into customer’s scenes.  Introductory pricing for this collection is set at an incredible $115 (U.S.).


Crafted by Got3D artists after receiving consistent feedback from our customers about the desperate need for this type of content, these new collections are backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!  Customers can even download samples to try before they buy. 


About Got3D

Got3D specializes in the production of high quality content for use in professional quality renderings and animations.  With a wide selection of textures and 3D models, Got3D has grown to become one of the key resources for visualization professionals around the world.  Visit us at to see the very best in high quality textures and 3D models to add new levels of realism to your scenes with astounding ease.

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