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The cameleon-labs ObjectPainter is the most affordable solution for high quality texture editing.

The unique 'plugin-application' architecture gives you the power of 3D texturing edition directly in Photoshop. ObjectPainter is compatible with Photoshop 6.0, 7.0, CS and CS2.

Key ObjectPainter features are:

- realtime preview in 3D for textures edited in Adobe Photoshop

- both UV and normal maps support

- realtime brush size and position view while painting

- full support for all of the Photoshop tools and third party plug-ins

- zoom, rotation and move in the 3D preview window

- support for .3ds, .lwo, .xsi nad .obj 3D objects formats

- Direct3D rendering engine with: Color/Diffuse, Bump, Luminosity, Specularity, Glossines, Reflections, Transparency, Refraction and Transluency channels

- 2 refresh modes: realtime and manual

- two rendering modes: Texture effect and Texture pattern

- object wireframe display on/off

- UV mesh display on/off

- compact display mode showing the 3D window only for space saving

- no limits on the edited texture size, max texture size dependent on your graphics adapter capabilities

To find out more and understand the way ObjectPainter works have a look at the screenshots section, or at the video tutorial.

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