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3D Prof Starter Package

Image Evermotion, in cooperation with 3d-graphic-designer announce a special discount programme for students and recent graduates.

A new 3D Prof Starter Package – comes as a ‘test-drive’ for the Evermotion plans of the extreme, short period promotions of their highest quality 3D products.
It consists of Evermotion Archmodels series and Archinteriors together – the best 3D models series actually available on the market.

It is available now – for a period of time - for LESS THAN A HALF of the regular price – only for students and recent graduates. Just have a look at it.

The complete package is intended to help young people to start their professional career and:
- work many times faster than the competitors thanks to 28 CDs with almost 3000 high quality 3D models
- complete own professional portfolio using Archinteriors series, within hours (not months!)

It is available only on

Do contact me if you have any questions: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Adam Jakimowicz, architect, PhD
Evermotion 3D Prof Starter Programme

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