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Got3D Introduces New Collection of Palm Tree Textures. High Resolution Trees Bring a Touch of the Tropics to Your Scenes.

Lexington, Kentucky.  Got3D founder David Silvernell today announced the release of its newest collection of high-resolution tree textures – 50 Palm Trees – on its site,  This new texture collection is the seventh in an ongoing series of tree libraries, designed to meet visualization artist requirements for plants appropriate for every geographic region. 

The Palm Tree Texture Collection includes textures of fifty different palms representing not only an amazingly wide range of species, but also different levels of maturity, foliage density, some even showing the effect of the prevailing breeze – the kinds of detail that define realism in CG environments.  Each texture has been saved in high quality jpeg format with an average vertical resolution of over 3,000 pixels and some as high as 3,500 pixels tall, making this collection ideal for placement anywhere in your scene, even the extreme foreground with no loss of image quality.  As always, we invite our customers to download a sample to try before purchase.  This new texture collection retails for $70.00 for all fifty textures!

About Got3D
Got3D specializes in the production of high quality content for use in professional quality renderings and animations.  With a wide selection of textures and 3D models, Got3D has grown to become one of the key resources for visualization professionals around the world.  Visit us at to see the very best in high quality textures and 3D models to add new levels of realism to your scenes with astounding ease.

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