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Dosch Design - Releases


Dosch Design - Releases several new packages. Foreground images.

Dosch 3D: Buildings V2

Dosch 3D: Fun Crafts

Dosch Viz-Images: Foreground Plants & Trees

Plus two new productlines:

3D models for all popular CAD-applications in the formats: DWG, DXF, FLT - Open Flight, IGES, IV - Iris Inventor, NGrain, Rhino, SLP, STL, Universal 3D, VRML.

Dosch CAD: Electronics

Dosch CAD: Industrial Objects V2

Dosch CAD: Medical Equipment

Dosch CAD: Packaging Design V2

Dosch CAD: Security

Dosch CAD: Ships

Dosch CAD: Shop Design

DOSCH DVD-Ambience

These sequences are particularly well suited as background animations which are intended to be a non-distracting backdrop to the “main program”, while – at the same time – being so catchy and pleasant that idle or waiting people will actually “tune in” to them for brief periods of time.
It’s all about creating the right ambient mood at trade fairs and exhibitions, in sales rooms, restaurants, during concerts … as well as in private life (e.g. parties, home-theater showings).
The purchase price includes the royalties for public use of the animations.

DOSCH DVD-Ambience: Architecture & Design

DOSCH DVD-Ambience: Color Backgrounds

DOSCH DVD-Ambience: Glamour

DOSCH DVD-Ambience: Into The Dark

DOSCH DVD-Ambience: Lounge Backgrounds

DOSCH DVD-Ambience: White Room

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