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RTsquare for Viz


RTSquare, now available in the form of a plug-in for AutoDesk VIZ. GPU-Tech will soon be launching the Maya plugin.


RTSquare, the fastest 3D renderer on the market is now available in the form of a plug-in for AutoDesk VIZ. Already on sale for 3DSMax with updated version 1.2, (modifications of the perspective, skylight, density, global illumination and pre-sets) this renderer is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to cut down on production costs and increase productivity.
GPU-Tech will soon be launching the Maya plugin.

By using the standard materials of your working station and with its user-friendly interface, RTSquare is easy to work with and simplifies your task by rendering high quality images in a fraction of the time you would need when using other renderers. Its revolutionary GPU technology allows it to drastically reduce your computing time by 10 to 50 times
compared to classic CPU based renderers.

Anyone who has to meet deadlines or is faced with short work delays will appreciate the numerous possibilities that RTSquare can offer for all your visualisation, architectural, animation or other projects. Its rapidity allows you to preview your scene several times and change lighting, materials or other settings to get just the desired result.
You can then render the final image for high quality work.

In the review done by 3Dstudio, Matt Anderson says “ In conclusion, we highly recommend RTSquare from GPU-Tech as an excellent way to achieve high quality renders at incredible speeds. This is a must have product for anyone who deals with deadlines.”

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