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Among a number of rendering engines, in terms of popularity, VRay has his permanent place in the lead. It is the one of the most widespread rendering plug-ins worldwide.


Though, as far as I know, a great majority of VRay users have only superficial knowledge of VRay possibilities. The book might be a good occasion to change it: start learning or develop and strengthen this knowledge.

When I first time took VRay - THE COMPLETE GUIDE into my hand, I thought to myself: how to read through such an amount of information and don't give up? But it was just the first impression. The second was completely different: I couldn't help feeling that it's more a book of graphics provided with explanations, than a text supported by graphics. It's because of author's assumption: "images and tests (...) can explain a renderization program better than words". That's why we can find here over 2300 color images and around 3200 renders, referring to all the VRay commands. A whole closed in a hard-covered, 1024 page book.

But let's start from the beginning: what kind of publication are we talking about? Well, as we can see on the hardcover, it is "a book for professionals". But please don't be put off by these words: the "reader's system requirements" are just basic knowledge of 3D technology and 3ds Max or other 3D software, such as Rhino, Cinema 4D and more. The word "professional" in this context means that it's mostly destined for CG artists working in 3D section. Just like Francesco Legrenzi (born in 1977), the author of the book. Currently he is a freelancer, after four years working as a director of the Modeling & Lighting department in an architect's studio in Milan, Italy.

The main aim of the book is to show how to create photorealistic visualizations and simply achieve the result we want to. Author believes that to gain this purpose, one should has, leaving aside the VRay itself, a basic knowledge of instrument we use: a computer with it's software and hardware and a little bit of art and science information. As VRay renderer versions for different programs vary from themselves only by interface, the guide is helpful for all the VRay users. Thus, in this book it's secrets are presented on the 3ds Max VRay version example. Let's take a look inside.

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