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1 week Only -$40 Off Upcoming Architectural Visualization Book

3DATS announces an update to their upcoming book, 3ds Max 2010 Architectural Visualization - Advanced to Expert, including 200 more pages and a $40 off special. From now through May 7th, 3DATS is offering $40 off their soon to be released book which is now over 700 pages and still growing. Due to the greatly increased size, we are forced to increase the final shipping price of this book to $119.95; however, you can secure a copy now for the price of $79.95. In addition, by ordering now, your book will ship as an advance copy on August 15th, 6 weeks before main delivery of books which is scheduled for shipment on October 1st.

This book is a collection of challenging and specialized chapters by dozens of industry experts. There has never been a 3D book like this published before and there may be one again. For more information about this book, including a detailed Table of Contents and a list of Author Biographies

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