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RenderMan Studio 3.0

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RenderMan Studio 3.0 is the latest version of Pixar's advanced suite of tools for shading and lighting TDs.

Highlights in version 3.0 include a series of significant performance enhancements, which should be immediately apparent on many scenes.

Relighting - GUI for interactive, final render-quality relighting of your Maya scene. (RFM Pro Only, RenderMan Pro Server Required.)

Maya Fluids - Maya Fluid are now supported with full support for motion blur and the ability to produce depth maps, for Deep Shadows, etc.

RenderMan Controls - A new, consolidated user interface provides intuitive, one-window access to the RfM's basic settings and operations.

Co-Shader Support - RFM now supports tightly bound light/co-shader combiniations.

Slim Scripting - MTOR-style Slim scripting is now supported from RFM, via slimcmd and slimmsg.

TCL - RFM now supports Slim-side Tcl expressions

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