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Xsens MVN - Inertial Motion Capture


Xsens MVN gives you freedom of movement because MVN uses no cameras

Xsens MVN Motion Capture solution consists of inertial sensors attached to the body by a lycra suit (also available in straps). It is a flexible and portable Motion Capture system that can be used indoors and outdoors, not only on-set in the studio but also outside. Xsens MVN requires minimal clean-up of captured data as there is no occlusion or marker swapping. The ease of use and short calibration time allows you to set up the system in less than 15 minutes.

MVN Studio shows a real-time visualization on screen. Xsens MVN produces clean and smooth data that saves up to 80% of post-processing time.

Our Motion Capture solution customers include Sony Pictures Imageworks, Double Negative, Daimler, Electronic Arts, Industrial Light & Magic, Daimler, INAIL, Ossur and others.

"The flexibility and short turnaround times of the MVN system is unparalleled. With the MVN system, Xsens is changing the rules of the motion capture game: we're saving time and money"
Ted Price, CEO of Insomniac Games
Motion Capture (or MoCap)
Motion Capture (or MoCap) is a way to record human movement. The data can be used to animate digital characters in films, games, broadcasted animated stories, ads, virtual environments ea. to get realistic human movement. MoCap can also be used in medical and sports applications to analyze human movement and gait.

Product advantages Xsens inertial motion capture

    * Clean and smooth motion capture data
    * Real-time motion capture visualization
    * Unlimited capture volume
    * Short turnaround times
    * Can save up to 80% post-processing time
    * Short setup time (15 min.) with the quick setup sheet
    * Great ease of use
    * On-set and/or outside motion capture
    * Can easily be worn under clothing
    * Compatible with popular motion editors
    * Occlusion-free motion capture solution
    * Flexible solution

MVN motion capture suit

    * 6DOF tracking of the body
    * 17 MTx inertial trackers
    * Wireless operation for full freedom of movement
    * Comfortable lycra suit with embedded cabling
    * Extra prop (eg. Weapon, golfclub, racket) / backup sensor

MVN Straps (optional)

    * One size fits all
    * Wear over normal clothing
    * Hygienic & efficient for Inter-Subject transfer
    * Sturdy and lasting design

MVN Studio (software)

    * Easily record motion capture data
    * Advanced human body model provides output of 23 body segments
    * Export to popular motion capture file formats, such as .BVH and .FBX
    * Real-time visualization, playback and editing of motion capture data
    * Intuitive editing interface
    * Plug-in for seamless real-time integration with Autodesk MotionBuilder® (optional)
    * Plug-in for time synchronization and remote control (optinal)

Fidelity and Immunity

    * Highly accurate MEMS inertial sensors deliver incredibly smooth data
    * Use under any lighting condition inside or outside
    * Low sensitivity to EM-fields (Electromagnetic-fields)

Applications for the Xsens MVN MoCap system

    * 3D character animation (for game, film, TV, advertising)
    * Sports science, After Action Review
    * Rehabilitation, biomechanics research, human factors
    * Training and simulation
    * Live events

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