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The Foundry Releases MARI on Windows

MARI is a creative texture-painting tool that can handle extreme
projects. MARI was developed at Weta Digital to handle the massively
complex, highly detailed look development work demanded of the texture
department by projects such as District 9, The Lovely Bones, and

MARI has a creative toolset which puts many stand-alone 2D paint
systems to shame, allowing artists to concentrate on painting. The user
interface is responsive and fluid. You can paint directly on to models
and view the results immediately. Save time and take texturing way
beyond what was previously possible.
MARI's unrivalled ability to deal with colossal textures in vast
numbers allows their development in intense detail.


Save time and money by seeing the results of your work immediately. Cut
down on revisions. Wave goodbye to the paint, render, review, rinse,
repeat cycle of old. Load all the textures for a model into MARI
simultaneously and remove the need to split up models.


A creative painting toolset second to none, focused on the artists'
needs. With a paintbrush engine finessed under intense production
pressure, MARI releases artists from arbitrary restraints and allows
them to work naturally with the model.


In VFX work, context is everything. What the model will look like in
motion, from multiple angles and against the background plate, is
critical. MARI lets the artists see the model in context and paint on
it right there.


Textures channels need to change over time. Whether it is a blushing
maiden or scratched and dented armour, animating textures are a crucial
part of what makes a model appear real. MARI lets you animate and paint
your texture channels frame by frame.


Efficient Integration into a complex workflow turns a great product
into a powerhouse. MARI has an open and extensible approach to UI,
geometry, cameras and shading, and runs on Linux. It supports colour
management, light and texture change, while import and export happen in
the background.

User Interface

A clear and intuitive user interface allows artists to focus on what is
important. User-configurable tool shelves allow them to organise their
workspace efficiently, and a customisable real-time 3D shader lets them
see what they're doing.

What does 'mari' mean?

MARI comes from the Swahili Maridadi meaning both 'beautiful' and also
carrying connotations of 'usefulness'.

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