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Ballistic Publishing releases EXOTIQUE 2


EXOTIQUE 2, Ballistic Publishing releases the second collection of world's most beautiful CG Characters.

Experience a completely new collection of the world’s most beautiful digital characters. EXOTIQUE 2 is the second volume of the best computer generated characters in the known universe. With 18% more artwork than the original, EXOTIQUE 2 features 269 artworks by 168 artists from 38 countries. Printed to the high standards that Ballistic Publishing is renowned for, you’ll be astonished by the original character art in EXOTIQUE 2. Be inspired!

For the serious art connoisseur, EXOTIQUE 2 is available in an exclusive collector’s Special Edition featuring a black leather-bound cover with gold embossing. Priced attractively at US$99, these collector’s editions are exquisite and timeless. EXOTIQUE 2 Special Edition includes an exclusive set of four Limited Edition prints, celebrating the stunning character artwork emerging from the digital arts community.

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