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3ds Max 2011 - One Project from Start to Finish


3ds Max 2011 - One Project from Start to Finish

Over the last few years, we have received an incredible number of requests from 3ds Max users at all skill levels suggesting that we create a book that illustrates the process of creating a 3D visualization project from start to finish and step-by-step. As a result of these requests, we are pleased to announce the production of our 5th book,

3ds Max 2011 – One Project From Start to Finish. This book is the most comprehensive guide to completing a 3D visualization project ever produced, and we have commissioned one of the best, and most respected 3D visualization firms in the world, Cat-a-pult, to help write this one of a kind book. The intent of the book is to show in great detail, each step of the visualization process, as applied to one very unique visualization project and every facet of the design and creation process will be illustrated.

In this book you'll learn...
Unwrap UVW
Texture Painting
Day & Night Lighting
Pelt Mapping
Particle Flow
Forces and Deflectors
Graphite Modeling
Plugin Usage
Render to Texture
....and much more

Plus coverage of other software...
After Effects
ReelSmart Motion

This book was very carefully designed to be useful for readers at all skill levels. The
material is presented in a way that will engage advanced users while still being
explicatory enough for beginners. It bursts at the seams with tips and tricks that will
leave most readers in awe. The ultimate goal of this book is to transfer knowledge of
as many 3ds Max features and procedures as possible while showing how to create
one amazing 3D project. We are completely confident that readers of all skill levels
will nd that this book meets its goal.

Note: This book will incorporate the use of V-Ray but the vast majority of the book will present material that does not require the use of V-Ray. Approximately 20% of the book will explain V-Ray specific features and procedures.

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