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Interview Of The Director of TRON Legacy


Interview with Joe Kosinski (Director of TRON Legacy) By Jeff Mottle. Visit CG Architect for full interview.


CGarchitect caught up with Joe Kosinski for a phone interview about his directorial debut on TRON: Legacy. Below is a transcript of that interview.

CGA: Now that you’ve directed your first major motion picture and you look back at the path that you’ve taken from architecture to commercials and game cinematics – is this where you always thought you’d end up?  And is this where you’re going to be for a while now?

Joe Kosinski: Yeah, I guess I would say I didn’t necessarily always think I would end up here.  I grew up loving movies as a kid, but grew up in an area where no one I knew actually worked in the entertainment business.  So as a career it never really seemed like a real possibility.  So it has been a very organic path for me – obviously starting with these parallel interests in music and engineering, which eventually for me I felt architecture might be that ultimate combination of the creative and technical sides of things that I was interested in.

And then going to an architecture school, Columbia, where they gave us all these digital tools and filmmaking tools to learn design, and using those tools; realizing that I could make my own films on my own; leveraging these tools in a really powerful way.  It’s been a very kind of organic path, but I do feel like in the end I’ve ended up in the right place.  And it’s obviously a job that I love and is challenging, and I love to continue working.............................................

Visit CG Architect for the full interview TRON Legacy


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