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Vizdepot - Finding Shore Winners Announced

lighthouse-event_tn.jpg announces the winners of the 'Finding Shore' Contest.


'Finding Shore' Contest Winners

First Place - Martin Klein
Second Place - Brian Clark
Third Place - Michael Munson
Honorable Mention 1 - Neha Kakkar
Honorable Mention 2 - Michael Brown

Basis of Award:
Technical ability, Final composition, Originality and "wow" factor.

Judges Panel: Ted Boardman, Neil Blevins, Susan Sorger, Rob Finch, Ian Denby, Elif Serencioglu, Chris Nichols

Sponsors of this competition include (in no specific order):
Next Limit Technologies, (2) Maxwell Licenses
Got3D,  $2,000 USD worth of products.
Ambient Light - full set of ambientLight textures for each of the 1st 2nd and 3rd places
Turbosquid -   1 x NFR copy of rtre v1.1, 1 x 256MB Turbo Squid USB drive (w/lanyard and USB extension cable in a tin case), Turbo Squid t-shirt
Kurv Studios -  high end modeling / texturing / rendering tutorial DVDs
Marlin Studios - Super Krypton Pack (a $4,368 value if purchased separately) of 22 CD-Rom libraries
Arroway - three bundles of all four of our current texture collections 12 DVDs, total volume approx. 600 USD
Master Colors, Licenses of HVC Color Composer Pro
Hyperfocal Design, $472 USD worth of HDRI Skies, that's 8 High Resolution HDRI Skies

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