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Forest Pack 4.2 Released


iToo Software is proud to announce the release of Forest Pack 4.2 Lite and Pro version. This release includes support for VRay 3 final, support for Corona Alpha 6 and a new set of over 30 meadow grass and flower presets. In addition, the software expands its capabilities by adding new animation features.
Key Features:
• “Meadow”, a new library that includes over 30 wild grass and flower presets.
• Support for V-Ray 3.0 final.
• Support for Corona Alpha 6, including Forest Color.
• Translation X/Y range can now be defined using min/max values.
• Translation can be controlled using maps.
• Added Transform->Probability map (for translation, rotation and scale). When enabled, the map is used as a probability value for the random range (black: no random, white: full random range)
• New Animation mode: “Frame from Map”, uses a map to define the absolute frame within a Start/End range.
• Diversity Map can use its own texture, independent of the Distribution Map.
• New scattering algorithm for UV Surfaces, which allow to deform the surface without changing the density of the distribution.
• Inverted falloff curves can be used at same time with including and excluding areas.
• Plus many more improvements and fixes. Please check release notes for full info.
As usual, a Lite version of the software is freely available to download. Also available are release notes, and a demo reel, all on iToo Software’s website.
This release is part of the company´s developing program for 2014, which started with the launch of RailClone 2.2 back in February.
About iToo Software:
iToo Software, founded in 1999 in Spain, is a 3D software development company, creators of Forest Pack and RailClone, plugins for Autodesk® 3ds Max® and 3ds Max Design®.

Check out ForestPack 4.2 HERE

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