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Corona Renderer 1.5 released!

Corona 1-5 Released

We are proud to present to you Corona Renderer 1.5 for Autodesk 3ds Max! This is the second update to Corona this year, and it focuses on letting you change the colour and intensity of lights during or after rendering, significantly reducing the need for post-production software, increasing compatibility with materials from third party software, and of course increased stability and workflow improvements. This release was originally planned to be a small one, but it grew to be quite a game-changer!

The highlights of this release are:

    Interactive LightMix: This lets you adjust the colour and intensity of lights and light-emitting materials during or after rendering, perfect for anything from subtle adjustments through to turning day into night. Now you can have a whole range of light setups, all from just rendering once!

Create multiple light setups from rendering just once!

    VFB features such as bloom, glare, filmic tone mapping, vignette and saturation give you much more creative control over the end result, reducing your need to rely on post-production software.
    LUTs have been added to the VFB so that you can load .cube and .3dl LUT files to apply a particular look to your render with a single click.

Now you can do your post-processing directly in Corona

    Corona Materials have been updated to match evolving industry standards. This means they will work more like you expect if you are familiar with working in other engines, and gives increased compatibility when importing materials from third party software such as Allegorithmic's Substance tools, Quixel's Megascans, etc.
    Corona Distance Map lets you create "smart" materials that know how far away they are from other objects in the scene. Use this to add waves around a coastline, wear-and-tear where objects meet, dirt and noise under window sills, and more.

You'll find full details with accompanying examples on those and other items in the blog post!

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