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Maxon C4D Architectural Edition


MAXON  introduces the newest generation CINEMA 4D package for architectural visualizations.

In addition to the seamless connectivity to Allplan, ArchiCAD and VectorWorks, the new Architecture Edition boasts such features as extensive object and material libraries and the new Virtual Walkthrough tool. Coupled with the numerous new features already in CINEMA 4D R10, including improved scene management and Interactive Render Region, the Architecture Edition gives architects a powerful tool for creating impressive visualizations.

The new interface offers more concise and easier to recognize icons, and includes many practical new features such as collapsible manager windows. Additional CINEMA 4D features that will be of particular interest to architects are the Enhanced OpenGL display, the greatly improved scene management and the layer management system.

A real highlight is the Architecture Extension Kit. The new libraries are displayed directly in the Content Browser and contain over 300 furniture and decor items, including many pieces from renowned designers. Human silhouettes, numerous useful outdoor objects and over 400 specially selected and optimized materials, that give renderings an especially realistic look, are also included.

Users can navigate through a scene in the editor view using the new Virtual Walkthrough tool. Collision detection will let you climb stairs and keep you from passing through walls. The paths taken can be saved and later used to create photorealistic rendered animations. The Interactive Render Region can be used to preview what your rendered scene will look like - directly in the editor view. Each change made to the scene will be updated automatically in the selected Interactive Render Region.

The Architecture Edition is accompanied by a very helpful Quickstart manual which gives architects valuable tips on lighting, texturing and how to set up objects and scenes for rendering high-quality images and animations. And the integrated CINEMA 4D context-sensitive help system, for questions pertaining to all facets of CINEMA 4D, can be accessed anytime at the click of the mouse.

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