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Upcoming Maxwell Render™ 1.5


Next Limit Technologies is pleased to announce the upcoming release of Maxwell Render™ 1.5.

The release, scheduled for mid-May, will bring a great number of improvements, new features and enhancements for new and existing customers, including:

- Core enhancements: Key parts of the engine have been rewritten, resulting in many fantastic improvements, bringing the quality of rendered images to a completely new level. Memory handling has been greatly enhanced. This version uses much less memory than version 1.1, making it possible to render at very high resolutions (for example at 8000 x 6000 with less than 2 GB of Ram) without losing quality. As a consequence of the core enhancements, memory-intensive tasks such as glare, Multilight™ with a lot of emitters, large geometries and a lot of heavy textures are improved. Additionally, MXI files can always be re-rendered/ resumed and the size of the MXI files is around 3,5 times smaller in the new version. 

- Maxwell Studio and the Maxwell Material Editor have been rewritten, resulting in great improvements in usability and performance and better “look and feel” and workflow for the users.

- 32 bits output: It is now possible to set the output image format to HDR directly inside Maxwell Render™.

- Network: Maxwell Render’s networking option has been vastly improved and optimized, making it more stable and faster, with the possibility for users to see a coop preview image, a preview image of each node and to select machines by name or IP.

- Linux version: A Linux version will be available with 1.5.

- Plug-ins: All our current plug-ins are compatible with Maxwell Render™ 1.5, and many of them have been further improved. Especially the Lightwave plug-in has seen major optimizations.

Why 1.5?
This is a significant upgrade to Maxwell Render™ 1.1 on many levels and this release deserves to be positioned accordingly. “1.2” just doesn’t underline the importance of this release. However, Maxwell Render™ 1.5 is a FREE upgrade for existing users to reward them for their support and loyalty. 

Many parts of Maxwell Render™ have been improved and re-written. The core Render Engine has seen key enhancements in some of the most important parts. Maxwell Studio and the Maxwell Material Editor have been re-written from scratch. The feature list has been extended and improved, including more innovative features for realism and render quality, and new plug-ins. Huge optimizations have been made in memory handling, and the performance, stability and usability have all been enhanced.  Pricing has been maintained but we have radically changed the licensing policy to embrace current and future hardware trends. Collectively, these result in a significant upgrade from 1.1 and we are proud to name this version Maxwell Render™ 1.5.

Further announcements will follow in the build-up of the release.

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