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ambientLight Releases Topiary Plants 4


ambientLight is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the Topiary Plants Textures Pack Part 2.

This pack is available to you at an introductory 50% discount until the end of April 2007! You can view the full details ,thumbnails and purchase at the special discounted price from the link below.

View Full Details of this pack and special discounted price here
Plants Vol 4 Topiary- ALT029 - 28 Mb - Downloadable .zip

Our Second Topiary collecton containing a further 22 High Resolution Topiary Plant Textures and 22 Alpha Maps

We have included up to 4 images of each plant in this texture pack. This will allow some variation in the images you are using and help to avoid noticeably using the same image multiple times for a more lifelike result in your final image.

The images in this collection have been created primarily for use in architectural visualisation and other CG projects but can be applied in many different areas. These textures can be used in any software capable of importing jpeg image files as textures.

Pack Contents:

Diffuse Maps
ALT029-01D Buxus-Semp-Arborescens-Spirale.jpg 2284 x 3179 Pixels
ALT029-02D Buxus-Semp-Arborescens-Spirale.jpg 2142 x 3292 Pixels
ALT029-03D Buxus-Semp-Arborescens-Spirale.jpg 2167 x 3257 Pixels
ALT029-04D Buxus-Semp-Arborescens-Spirale.jpg 2131 x 3112 Pixels
ALT029-05D Ilex-Crenata-Convexa.jpg 1635 x 3186 Pixels
ALT029-06D Ilex-Crenata-Convexa.jpg 1549 x 3336 Pixels - Free sample available onsite
ALT029-07D Laurus-Nobilus.jpg 1206 x 3234 Pixels
ALT029-08D Laurus-Nobilus.jpg 1349 x 3246 Pixels
ALT029-09D Laurus-Nobilus.jpg 1200 x 3184 Pixels
ALT029-10D Laurus-Nobilus.jpg 1253 x 3138 Pixels
ALT029-11D Ligustrum-Delavayanum.jpg 1854 x 3418 Pixels
ALT029-12D Ligustrum-Delavayanum.jpg 1782 x 3328 Pixels
ALT029-13D Ligustrum-Delavayanum.jpg 1920 x 3358 Pixels
ALT029-14D Ligustrum-Delavayanum.jpg 1668 x 3418 Pixels
ALT029-15D Ligustrum-Delevayanum-Spirale.jpg 1159 x 3024 Pixels
ALT029-16D Ligustrum-Delevayanum-Spirale.jpg 1091 x 3043 Pixels
ALT029-17D Ligustrum-Delevayanum-Spirale.jpg 1206 x 3305 Pixels
ALT029-18D Ligustrum-Delevayanum-Spirale.jpg 1181 x 3246 Pixels
ALT029-19D Ligustrum-Ovalifolium-Aureum-Privet.jpg 1236 x 3372 Pixels
ALT029-20D Ligustrum-Ovalifolium-Aureum-Privet.jpg 1253 x 3342 Pixels
ALT029-21D Ligustrum-Ovalifolium-Aureum-Privet.jpg 1332 x 3426 Pixels
ALT029-22D Ligustrum-Ovalifolium-Aureum-Privet.jpg 1345 x 3435 Pixels

Alpha Maps
Same sizes as diffuse above

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