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Land Data 3D Launches Urban Archive With Over 260,000 sq. km. of 3D Cities!

Land Data 3D launches with over 260,000 sq. km. of 3D city terrain and imagery!  Introducing Urban Archive the world's only source of 3D data and imagery for cities around the world.  With ten of the largest cities from around the world, Urban Archive gives 3D artists the power to create accurate and convincing landscapes for use in rendering and animation projects.

Each Urban Archive city package contains imagery and 3D terrain data for at least 20,000 sq. km. of surrounding terrain!  With two packages available for each city, options abound.  Whether your project requires high resolution 14.25m/pixel imagery, or standard 28.5m/pixel satellite imagery, we have an affordable solution just a few clicks away.  All products are downloadable and ready to use.

Regardless of the image resolution package that's right for you, you'll get the same high-quality, 90m Digital Elevation Image with each purchase.  This Digital Elevation Image, DEI,  can be used as a displacement image in all 3D packages and third party-render engines. Most packages also include a bonus hillshaded and relief shaded TIF generated from the same DEI.

*Each Package Contains:*

    * High Resolution Satellite Imagery (Both Natural Color and Infra-red)
    * Digital Terrain Image (Displacement Map)
    * Metadata (Scene Extents, Position Information, Elevation Range, etc...)
    * Scene Set-up Tutorial

*The First 10 Cities Offered:*

    * Osaka, Japan
    * Tokyo, Japan
    * Beijing, China
    * New York City, USA
    * Los Angeles, USA
    * Vancouver, Canada
    * Toronto, Canada
    * Dubai, UAE
    * Berlin, Germany
    * Frankfurt, Germany

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