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Pixel Corps - Be it Archviz, industrial design just about all aspects of VFX will become part of those disciplines. Why not get a jump start!

In development for almost 7 years, the Pixel Corps has nearly 1500 members in 30 countries. The Pixel Corps is designed to create a global production community capable of generating content around the world. It's not just about acquiring's about becoming part of a community. The Pixel Corps blends training, real-world challenges, and community participation to build a development system unlike anything else available. Our goal: To build a highly networked, highly skilled, highly organized group of artists prepared for the next opportunities that emerge in the media field.

As a new member of the Pixel Corps, you will receive over 90 hours of video training on everything from drawing to photogrammetry to digital mattes.

Our training includes both general concept training as well as specific training for applications including:

Adobe's Photoshop and After Effects
Apple's Shake
Maxon's Cinema 4D
SoftImage's XSI
REALVIZ's Image Modeler, Stitcher and Matchmover Pro
2D3's Boujou Bullet
ZaxWerk's Pro Animator
Luxology's Modo
AutoDesSys's FormZ...among others.
While some of the training is "Basic" training, much of it consists of production solutions for real problems. Many of the tips and tricks in these videos are hard to find anywhere else at any price. We're adding new applications this summer and new training every week.

In additional to the weekly video training, members will have access to new online courses at very affordable rates. These courses are a result of members looking for specialized training. We have partnered with some of the top artists in the industry. We'll kick off the June session with Iain McCaig (Character Designer, Star Wars Episode 1,2 and 3) and Modo Master, Dan Ablan.

Information here.

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