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Lightwave v9 Signature Courseware

3dgarage It is the online resource for affordable, next-step all in one LightWave® learning.

Lightwave v9 Signature Courseware

One complete learning package. You do not need to purchase dozens of discs - the Signature Courseware is designed to give you an A to Z comprehensive learning course, not offered by anyone else.

Once again, Dan Ablan delivers a full blown course for your to quickly and easily learn LightWave 3D.

And with NewTek's latest and most powerful release to date, why would you trust your learning to anyone else? The 3D Garage courseware is taught be leading 3D animation and author Dan Ablan. Dan is author of the popular Inside LightWave books from New Riders and Peach Pit publishing, as well as many others. His upcoming release is Inside LightWave 3D v9

Dan Ablan has trained people in LightWave all over the globe, from Australia, to Japan, to Greece, London, Russia, and of cousrse the United States. Who have we trained? How about NASA, CBS, PBS, FOX TV, US Military, Hallmark Cards, Reebok, Lockheed Martin, David Copperfield Tours, IGT International, and many hard working animators like yourself. These people do not have time to waste with other sub-par training courses, and neither do you.

With the Signature Courseware from 3D Garage, you'll Learn the buttons, the panels, the workflow of both Modeler and Layout for LightWave 9 - hours with high quality QuickTime movies for both Mac and PC, on DVD-ROM's.

THIS IS NOT A LECTURE like most courses and seminars. DO NOT be fooled by other training courses and what they promise. This is an interactive high-quality course backed by years of experience. LightWave author and animator Dan Ablan instructs you on how to use and understand LightWave. No one has instructed more people on LightWave than Dan Ablan. Period. Are you a teacher looking to learn LightWave 3D? Perhaps you're a student who's tired of a confusing manual? This DVD-ROM based course is the best LightWave Learning resource on the web! Why? Because it assumes nothing. It takes you from start to finish in LightWave, rather than just dumping you into the middle of a complex, poorly explained project from a boring instructor. Who wants that?

Our material has been used to teach both students, teachers, and professionals around globe. DO NOT be fooled by false claims and false promises from other online 3D training. Do you want to really learn LightWave? Then 3D Garage Courseware is your answer.

You learn by doing - many students have said "it's like sitting next to Dan Ablan and getting your questions answered directly." Unlike other courses - 3D Garage support is free. Always has been, always will. People email Dan Ablan years after the course with questions, project collaborations, and so on.

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