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Okino - PolyTrans

PolyTrans 3D Translation, Viewing & Data Optimization System of  Okino

"PolyTrans is a true 'workhorse' application. I've used it frequently on very large files and it has notchoked, crashed, or needed to be reinstalled in three years, and this is on a Macintosh in VirtualPC.This software has become the indispensible hub of my daily work." Mark Banas, MAB3D

"We purchased PolyTrans and used it for 3D data conversion and optimization of datasets createdfor the NASA MER space program (Mars Exploration Rover Mission). It is fantastic software.My colleagues at another NASA center spent days using three software packages on what took me 15 minutes using PolyTrans alone (polygon reduction in batch mode worked like a charm).I just wanted to thank you for creating such a great tool." Boris Rabin, Visualization Development Lead, NASA/Ames Research Center, FutureFlight Central

"I very rarely praise a piece of software but PolyTrans is nothing short of excellent and is the most used piece of software in our department. It is generally accepted within the modelling and graphics team that PolyTrans greatly improves our work flow and efficiency particularly with the seemless plugin to Maya and the accurate conversion from one format to another in either graphics or geometry. We would be lost without it." Lazaros Kastanis, immersive visualisation specialist, University of Queensland's Advanced Computational Modelling Centre.

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