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Rendering Interiors in XSI

A complete guide to rendering interior sets with XSI of Digital Tutors

Learn a time-saving workflow to rendering interior sets and production-tested mental ray techniques that can be used for Film, Games, and Architectural Visualizations.
Contains 4 hours of project-driven training. Ideal for intermediate artists.

Popular highlights include:

Emitting Photons from Light Sources
Fine-tuning Global Illumination Results
Smoothing Global Illumination Results with Final Gather
Using Architectural Materials in XSI
Overriding Photon Properties
Adding Realism with Ambient Occlusion
Utilizing Multi-bounce Final Gather as GI Alternative
Outputting Images to 32-bit .EXR Format
Modifying Geometry for Optimal Global Illumination
Setting up Render Passes in XSI
BSP Memory Optimization Techniques
Using Custom XSI Shaders
Compositing Rendered Passes in External App
Adjusting Exposure Settings

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