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Next Engine 3D Scanner

Next Engine 3D Scanner-Breakthrough technology has made it the World's best selling 3D Scanner

Next Engine's desktop scanner captures 3D objects in full color with multi-laser precision. Breakthrough technology has made it the World's best selling 3D Scanner.

In one box is everything you need to digitize 3D models, including Scan Studio CORE Software to Scan, Align and Fuse. Exports to STL, OBJ, VRML, U3D and other formats.

The Next Engine 3D Scanner is accelerating product design at many leading companies.
They're capturing complex and organic shapes, and designing new products, packaging and physically compatible parts.

Many manufacturing cycles begin with a physical sample, Customers are using scans to create new molds, castings, and fixtures.They're machining copies of old parts and creating rapid prototypes with CNC routers, mills, and 3D printers.

Practitioners in dental, prosthetics, orthopedics, and auditiory labs are using the scanner to improve turnaround times and patient outcomes. It's also helping medical and safety equipment makers create products that save and improve lives.

Plugs-in to Solid Works 2007 Office premium and works with many other applications...including Rhino, 3DS Max, ZBrush, Modo, Mathematica and more.

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