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Vertice announces Nova 2008

Even more simple, even more convivial, even more productive, Nova 2008 is available.


The main new functionalities of Nova 2008

Support of complex materials
Blend Material (vertex color/texture)
Support of the Vertex Alpha of 3ds Max
Share of the shaders (same code and different parameters)
Support of the fxo shaders
Support of the advanced HLSL shaders (Lumonix shaders included) and integration of the

Domains in the Entity Browser Octree for the collisions, the picking and the clipping
Nova Fusion: fusion in a scene of all the objects carrying the same materials or similar materials Management of the decals which allows to give a priority to some objects
More tools to optimize you scenes and to add many new functionalities .

Improvement of the mechanism for video capture (including video capture in .wmv)
NovaExplorer now loads the previous versions of the .mxb files without going through a conversion process .

Companion scene: creation of interfaces
Possibility to define the precise size of the rendering zone (Rendering Resizer)
Debug Tools .

Scene Optimizer: conversion of textures in DDS and compression, settings of the collisions parameters, settings of the subdivisions .

Nova Widgets: 3 accelerated graphics controllers linkable to properties
Easier Lighting system .Simplification of the real time shadows mechanism

Easier way to create Special Effects

Particle graphics editor (Nova Explorer and 3ds Max 9+)
Lens Flares graphics editor (Nova Explorer and 3ds Max 9+)
Advanced scripting and ultra-simplified tool to create interactions

Management of the 3ds Max plugins during the install
New Events for the scripts: MouseUp, MouseDown, MouseMove, MouseOverObject,

New action launchers: Mouse Enter et MouseLeave

New actions: link a camera to an object, detach a camera from its parent and launch a script
Improvement of the Script Helper and of the scripts interface

New option on the objects: Picking Blocker

Picking target tool when using a joystick

Possibility not to change the cursor of the mouse when going over a pickable object
Management of the plugins of opening/closure of scenes

Possibility to change the picking key

New Action Builder (Nova Explorer and 3ds Max 9+): as easy as before but many more possibilities 3ds Max 2008, Collada, peripherals, …

Full integration with 3ds Max 2008
Direct import of Collada files into the Nova Explorer
Support of many joysticks simultaneously
Support of the Xbox 360 peripherals
Files can be added in the exe
Exe Launcher: executables can now be opened in an interface allowing to launch Nova in windowed mode or in full screen mode (with a choice of resolution)
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