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Lamborghini Configurator for dealers

Lamborghini legend goes virtual – RTT presents new generation of 3D realtime configuration systems

Leather seats with white seams, titanium callisto rims or a video camera on the rear spoiler: Today’s automotive enthusiasts have high demands on their new car.

Dealers are now able to offer customers their favourite model and tailored specifications in realtime and in photorealistic 3D quality. With the Lamborghini Configurator, dealers can work with customers to select a model, equip it and create an offer. The process allows the customisation of almost all the signature components of a Lamborghini. The RTT POS software, from Munich VR specialists Realtime Technology AG, is the innovative system’s key component. The preparation of the system’s content was realised with RTT DeltaGen – a software solution that has established itself as a global standard in the field of 3D visualisation tools. In cooperation with the Siemens AG the Lamborghini Configurator will be installed at 104 dealers by the end of the year. A 3D configuration system allows clients to personally assemble their unique virtual vehicle at the dealer. In addition to traditional options, such as exterior colour and interior specifications, the system even allows tailoring of details such as the seat trim and seams. A particular highlight is that the configuration system allows customers to mix their own colours for the exterior finish.

The entire technical configuration of the car can also be dynamically visualised if desired.

The configured Lamborghini can be viewed from a range of camera angles. Via internet customers are able to obtain a realtime offer for their personally configured model, before saving and printing out the configuration.

“With the introduction of the solution from RTT, we are setting new standards in customer service”, says Manfred Fitzgerald, Director of Brand & Design at Lamborghini. “With the Lamborghini Configurator we are going to impress clients, optimise the sales process and further boost the number of sales of our models”.

Seamless Integration

The Lamborghini Configurator combines ultra modern high-tech solutions with a stylish design.

Dealers receive the system as a package comprising the following components: a Fujitsu-Siemens high-end workstation and tablet PC, a 50-inch NEC plasma screen and the RTT POS software. This software provides a seamless interface to the existing Lamborghini Configuration System in which the prices and specifications for models are stored for individual markets. This allows for details such as decor or whether the model should be left or right hand drive.

The following models can be virtually configured with the Lamborghini Configurator: Murciélago Coupé, Murciélago Roadster, Gallardo Coupé, Gallardo Superleggera and Gallardo Spyder.

Each local dealer logs in to the system and automatically receives the version of the configurator appropriate for their market. If desired, they can also customise the language settings. Updates for the system are managed centrally and are fully automated.

“We are pleased to be able to provide our client, Lamborghini, with a new generation of 3D specification systems”, remarked Christoph Karrasch, Board of Directors, RTT AG. “The new configuration system delivers unbeatable quality in realtime”.

Sophisticated virtual product configuration

RTT POS software provides extensive support to dealers, by enabling them to present products that can be experienced rather than just seen. The complete range of configuration possibilities for a particular vehicle can be displayed on a step-by-step basis, and USPs can be vividly illustrated – all in realtime.

The photorealistic realtime visualisation provided by the configurator is based on RTT DeltaView. Thanks to a server connection, it always displays the correct configuration for a particular vehicle. RTT POS software can help dealers to provide their clients with their preferred vehicle by means of a simple, intuitive and intelligent presentation module. It is possible to save the configuration at all times during the sales process, allowing continuation at a later date or entry of an order into the system.

Lamborghini also utilises RTT technology during the design process. This simplifies the collaborative process and ensures smooth working relationships between marketing and design departments during the development and presentation of new models.

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