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V-Ray 1.5 Service Pack 1


Chaos Group is pleased to announce the release of V-Ray 1.5 Service Pack 1 for immediate download.

Modified features:
(*) Compatibility with 3ds Max 2008;
(*) If registered as a service, the V-Ray license server will be restarted automatically if it closes unexpectedly;
(*) VRayMtl has texture maps for anisotropy and anisotropy orientation;
(*) The "Clamp output" option now always affects the image, regardless of the "Don't affect colors" option for the color mapping;
(*) VRayProxy has a Scale parameter that allows it to work with the "Rescale World Units" utility;
(*) Schlick sampling is now the only path sampler supported by V-Ray;
(*) More reliable communication between V-Ray and the V-Ray license server;
(*) Added "Taper" parameter to VRayFur;
(*) VRayCompTex can now be used as a bump map;
(*) Color mapping will not affect background seen on matte objects if "Affect background" option is off;

Bug fixes:
(*) Restarting spawner on a machine causes clients to crash (when not rendering);
(*) Crash when rendering renderable splines;
(*) Crash at end of rendering when using VRayDomeCamera;
(*) Crash when rendering VRayLight's with the scanline renderer;
(*) Multi/sub materials with both a refractive and opacity-mapped materials rendered the refractive materials wrong;
(*) The V-Ray license server did not list the number of engaged/free licesnes properly in the status web page;
(*) The Panorama Exporter utility did not work properly;
(*) VRayDirt could fall in an infinite cycle when applied on transparent objects itself;
(*) When used with the -channel option, VRImg2EXR created additional empty channels in the resulting .exr file;
(*) Inconsistent noise patterns between identical frames in animation;
(*) Crashes under VIZ 2008 when loading scenes with VRayMtl materials with the "Show map in viewport" button and DirectX viewport display;
(*) The number of light cache samples taken on the image could be lower than specified by the light cache Subdivs value;
(*) VRayToon did not work with camera clipping;
(*) VRayLight in skylight portal mode with the "Simple" option checked used the 3ds Max background, rather than the GI environment override specified in the V-Ray Environment rollout.
(*) VRayLight with multiplier 0.0 now renders as though the light is turned off (resulting in faster renders in this case);
(*) Reduced memory consumption per connection for the V-Ray license server;
(*) VRaySun did not produce shadow render elements (VRayShadow, VRayMatteShadow etc) render elements;
(*) The 3ds Max Composite material could produce incorrect alpha when used with transparent VRayMtl materials;
(*) Slow rendering of objects with alpha contribution less than or equal to 0.0;
(*) Distributed rendering though BackBurner was not working properly;
(*) VRaySky could produce negative colors when the sun is below the horizon;
(*) The raw lighting render elements did not respect opacity mapping;
(*) The V-Ray scene converter script does not disable maps in the resulting VRayMtl materials when there are no map assigned in the original ones;
(*) Objects not visible to GI blocked caustics;
(*) Dark edges on glossy materials with VRayEdgesTex as bump map;

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