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Creating Cartoon Sets in Maya

Digital Tutors Announces - Creating Cartoon Sets in Maya

Learn a time-saving workflow to creating cartoon sets, look development for environments, and production techniques for modeling, UV layout, texturing, and shader assembly.

Contains over 6 hours of project-based training and guides artists step-by-step through a proven approach to the modeling, texturing, and shading processes of creating stylized cartoon sets and environments as seen in animated feature films. Popular highlights include:

Look Development
Asset Referencing Workflow
Texturing with UVs and Projection
Creating Stylized Models
Methods for Exaggerating Proportions
Organic Modeling Techniques
Hard Surface Modeling Techniques
Asset Preparation for Pipeline Setting
Adding Textural Detail Procedurally
Working with Multiple Geometry Types
Creative Use of UV Layout
Shader and Material Assembly
Building Models in Sections
Creating Foliage Cards
Nested Ramps
Working with Scale
Importing Vector Art
Placing Foliage with geometryPaint
Working with Proxies
Creating the Illusion of Detail
Blend Shapes to Create Variation
Adding Local Subdivisions to Terrain
Marking Geometry for Textures with 3D Paint

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