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Marlin Studios releases TreeFarm

Marlin Studios has released two new libraries of low polygon photorealistic tree models

Marlin Studios releases TreeFarm low poly photorealistic tree models Deciduous and palm tree versions offered.
Graphics studio and publisher Marlin Studios has released two new libraries of low polygon photorealistic tree models: "TreeFarm Deciduous Trees" on DVD and "TreeFarm Palm Trees" on CD-Rom.

Available in max, obj and lwo formats, the texture models can be used in most any 3d software application. The tree models are particularly useful to animators involved in visualization, game development, virtual reality, film and video, and any mainstream animation project.

The roots, trunk and limbs of each tree have been meticulously modeled and textured with multiple maps. The twigs and leaves are planar objects mapped with alpha textures and bump maps, with additional maps for diffusion, specularity and sub-surface scattering (translucency). The result is up to nine texture maps per tree.

The multiple mapping results in photorealistic effects previously only available in high polygon count trees that are 30 times the size and 10 times the price per tree. Plenty of landscaping and full, natural trees are available.

According to company president and art director Tom Marlin, "Since 3D trees were first created, there has always been a tradeoff between high and low poly trees. You either got low quality with a high quantity of trees, or high quality only with a just a few trees. Now the paradigm shifts with TreeFarm models, offering photorealism with low poly trees."

TreeFarm Deciduous Trees offers 1450 pretextured tree models, consisting of 58 tree objects, with five distinct leaf types and five colors per leaf. The average deciduous model contains about 3100 polygons, and leaf maps are 1024 x 1024 pixels. With seven optional bark textures and a bonus leaf texture, the total number of combinations could exceed 10,000 different looking trees. A comprehensive browser-based index, including animations and thumbnails, is available with each library.

TreeFarm Palm Trees offers 90 pretextured tree models, consisting of 18 different palm tree objects and five colors per palm frond. The average palm tree model contains 1600 polygons and palm frond maps are also 1024 x 1024 pixels. Mixing and matching palm fronds and barks result in hundreds of different looks for the palm trees.

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