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Power Translators for Maya

Npower Software Releases Power Translators for Maya

nPower Software (a division of IntegrityWare) announces the release of its popular Power Translators product on the Autodesk® Maya® / Autodesk® AliasStudio" platform. Power Translators for Autodesk® 3ds Max® / Autodesk® Viz® has become the premier tool for design visualization. Now that popular tool is available for Autodesk® Maya® / Studio Tools®. Rendering CAD data in Autodesk® Maya® just became easier and more effective. Power Translators Maya is the most accurate and efficient solution for importing CAD data into Autodesk® Maya®. Power Translators Maya imports precise NURBS data into Maya instead of transferring imprecise polygonal representations. The result is that you get a more accurate representation, and beautiful, precise renderings. Autodesk® Maya® users no longer have to spend days or weeks translating their high quality surface and solids models into imprecise polygonal models, and then struggling to generate high quality renderings. Power Translators Maya leverages IntegrityWare's SOLIDS++ precise geometric representation to generate extraordinarily smooth, crack free mesh and produce renderings without polygonal artifacts. If you want to get the most accurate CAD data translation, and produce the highest quality renderings, Power Translators Maya is the solution.

Power Translators Maya Features

Precise translation of CAD data
Import IGES, STEP, SAT, Rhino
Dynamic tessellation
High quality mesh generation
Automatic surface sewing
Optimized for large assemblies
Power Translators Maya Features
Power Translators Maya contains the following features:

Precise Translation

Power Translators Maya leverages the high precision SOLIDS++ geometric modeling kernel from IntegrityWare, to provide the most precise data translation of your CAD models and assemblies. SOLIDS++ understands the native NURBS-based format of your CAD models, so it can import that data accurately into the Autodesk® Maya® environment without having to convert to imprecise polygonal formats. Maximize your rendering efficiency and quality using Power Translators Maya.

Dynamic Tessellation

Power Translators Maya allows the user to control the mesh quality. Through simple user interface controls, you can increase or decrease the mesh precision to obtain the perfect visualization quality.

High Quality Mesh Generation

You want to produce the highest quality renderings possible. Power Translators Maya gives you water tight, crack free mesh generation.

Automatic surface sewing

Power Translators Maya
uses the advanced adaptive tolerancing and sewing tools from the powerful SOLIDS++ modeling kernel to automatically sew together surfaces that belong together, but may not have been exported properly. Thus Power Translators Maya can even improve the quality of your CAD design data.

Large Assemblies

Power Translators Maya includes special memory management tools to effectively deal with the typical large CAD models and assemblies.
Engineers, designers, architects, and artists from top companies around the world like Toyota, Boeing, Microsoft, Disney, SEGA, Blizzard Entertainment, Northrup Grumman, Sony, Mitsubishi, Whirlpool, Blur Studio, Fisher Price, Fox Sports, SolidWorks, Hewlett Packard and Cannon Equipment are optimizing their design throughput with nPower Software.

How to Get Power Translators Maya

Streamline your CAD design visualization workflow with Power Translators Maya, and unleash the power of your creativity. Power Translators Maya sells for $495. Power Translators Maya can be purchased at the nPower Software on-line store  and through various resellers throughout the world. A free 30 day evaluation copy can be obtained by contacting nPower Software, downloading from the nPower web site, or one of the nPower Software resellers.

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