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3DS Max 2008 Training DVD Set

3DS Max 2008 Training DVD Set- Over 15 hours of training and tutorials

Introducing the 3DS Max 2008 Training DVD Set from Technical Animations, Inc. With over 15 hours of training and tutorials, this set covers everything you need to know to start using all of 3DS Max's tools. Lessons are organized starting with simple concepts, on to advanced.
We cover all the main features of 3D Studio Max, including the interface, modeling, modifiers, materials, maps, lights, cameras, animation, rendering and much more. Each part is talked about in depth with many tutorials included for interaction with the user. This set also explains the many new features of version 2008. Whether you are new to 3DS Max or have a basic knowledge of the program, this video set is perfect for you.

#1 (3 Hr. 24 Mins.)

User Interface
Quickstart Tutorial
#2 (2 Hrs. 57 Mins.)

Modeling 1
Modeling 2
Modeling 3
#3 (1 Hr. 5 Mins.)

Pulling it Together
#4 (2 Hr. 24 Mins)

Modifier Panel
2D Shapes
Transformation Tools
Coordinate Systems
Transform Centers
Select & Manipulate
#5 (2 Hrs. 4 Mins)

Text Shapes
XForm Modifier
Selection Sets
Sub-Object Selection
Deformation Tools
Advanced Modeling
#6 (1 Hrs. 49 Mins.)

Material Editor
Multi/Sub-Object Material
Material Maps
Ink 'N Paint
UVW Mapping
#7 (1 Hrs. 30 Mins.)

Set Key Animation
Mental Ray/AEC Objects
Hair and Fur

Media: DVD-ROM
Requirements: PC - MAC, 3D Studio MAX 2008
SRP: $395.00
Our Price: $375.00

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