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Mental Ray Workflows in Maya

Digital-Tutors Introduces mental ray® Workflows in Maya®: Global Illumination

New training provides Maya artists with a comprehensive guide to global illumination.

For Immediate Release

Digital-Tutors, an Autodesk® Authorized Publisher,released the latest learning solution in a growing library of video-based training for emerging digital artists, 'mental ray Workflows in Maya: Global Illumination' - containing over two hours of project-driven training for intermediate artists employing mental ray for realistic lighting in rendered environments. mental ray Workflows in Maya: Global Illumination teaches artists how to utilize creative practices to better understand global illumination and time-saving rendering techniques. Establishing mood and creating a real sense of depth can often be difficult to attain and learning how to effectively utilize global illumination for direct and indirect lighting can help artists simulate their desired results, said Chris Glick, Production Manager of Digital-Tutors. mental ray Workflows in Maya: Global Illumination was created to give artists a complete overview of global illumination and provide an array of practical examples that imitate the way light interacts with objects in a real world setting, added Glick.

mental ray Workflows in Maya: Global Illumination

Popular topics from mental ray Workflows in Maya: Global Illumination include: global illumination overview, understanding photons in mental ray, emitting photons from various light sources, controlling photon energy, controlling decay rates, altering photon color attributes, separating the effects of direct lighting, separating the effects of indirect lighting, tuning global illumination scale, tuning global illumination radius, tuning global illumination accuracy, photon tracing with transparent surfaces, global illumination photons maps, global illumination with final gather, using the Map Visualizer, global illumination overrides, photon interaction with Maya materials, and photon interaction with mental ray materials.

About Digital-Tutors

Digital-Tutors is an innovator and leader in video-based training for emerging digital artists. The award-winning educational solutions developed by the team of educators and industry professionals at Digital-Tutors are currently being used by students, professionals, universities, and production companies from across the globe. Artists from the world's top studios are utilizing Digital-Tutors' training solutions and services to assist in the creation of next generation feature films, commercials, video games, visual effects, and emerging media. Digital-Tutors maintains strategic relationships and partnerships with Autodesk, Softimage, Pixar, Next Limit, Side Effects, Pixologic, and Adobe in the development of the software and education materials.

Learn creative practices for utilizing global illumination and time-saving rendering techniques that can be used in a multitude of applications. Contains 2 hours of project-driven training - Perfect for intermediate artists.
Popular highlights include:

Global Illumination Overview
Understanding Photons in mental ray
Emitting Photons from Various Light Sources
Controlling Photon Energy
Controlling Decay Rates
Altering Photon Color Attributes
Separating the Effects of Direct Lighting
Separating the Effects of Indirect Lighting
Tuning Global Illumination Scale
Tuning Global Illumination Radius
Tuning Global Illumination Accuracy
Photon Tracing with Transparent Surfaces
Global Illumination Photons Maps
Global Illumination with Final Gather
Using the Map Visualizer
Global Illumination Overrides
Photon Interaction with Maya Materials
Photon Interaction with mental ray Materials

Run Time: 2 hrs. 10 min., 1 disc
Media: CD-ROM
Requirements: PC - MAC, Maya 7 and up (Maya 2008 required for project file
SRP: $55.99
Our Price: $55.00

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