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Vizdepot 3 Part Rendering Challenge


Vizdepot has started a 3 part Charrette focusing on Lighting, Texturing and Post Production work. Stop by, download the model and join in the fun!


Welcome to our new 3 part/3 month charrette. These charrette's continue our efforts at the Vizdepot to provide learning exercises for developing your lighting, materiality and composition skills. You may choose to use any rendering engine(s) to study and refine your process / work. The concept is to use little post production. Develop an idea or story you are trying to convey when considering the composition. You may choose any camera angle. Pick times of the day, and study how the light reacts on objects, then emulate these in your rendering lighting. Apply a basic cardboard material to the massing in the scene and a transparent glass material to the glazing objects. Only two materials are desired for this initial charrette. Please post both reference, progress, settings and finals pics which may be hosted off site like many do. We encourage the use of new techniques which provoke questions.

Charrette part 1 of 3 - Light your model in two scenarios. Daylight and Night time (no textures).
Charrette part 2 of 3 - Texture your model and render the previous daylight and night time setups that you created in the first charrette.
Charrette part 3 of 3 - Take your final textured render into whatever post production program you like and landscape it with trees and plants. Try adding a creative touch and stepping outside of your normal boundaries.

Challenge Page HERE

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